Chyangmiteng Ogyen Chholing monastery being an essential institution to transmit authentic Buddhist spiritual and philosophical education now and in the future, I aspire with each and every sponsor and private donors to ensure that these essential institution excel for many years into the future.

Please take this opportunity to join us with your support to continue these activities. You can support the abbey’s renovations, sponsor for the monks food, clothing and education or donate to Khenpo Ngawang Rabga endowment fund. Your support and benevolence can bring a change.

I even would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude towards all the committee members of Chyangmiteng Ogyen Chholing abbey for their humble support and cooperation towards the monastery both morally and financially. And I hope for similar support and cooperation in the near future as well. Also, I on behalf of the Ogyen Chholing family sincerely thank all the generous sponsors and beneficent companions for their contributions towards the abbey in bringing such drastic changes within a very limited time frame.

Eventually, I being enthroned as the new Khenpo I wish to continue Rinpoche’s holy activities, with your participation and through this may we be able to benefit limitless beings throughout the world.

Khenpo Dorjee, Chief Abbot