Remembrance by Choeying Dechen Lhamu (Su, Yu-Jung)

2004年,有一位上師 出現在我的生命裡。第一眼看到他我就覺得有種非常熟悉,好像認識了好久好久的感覺。
In the year 2004, a master walked into my life. At the first glance, I found him extremely familiar, like someone I have known for a long time.

l remembered Khenpo visiting us at our house several times. While he did not know any Mandarin, I did not know any English. I had no idea how to communicate with him back then. I could only rely on his eye contact and actions to guess what he wanted to say and do.

That summer, I was informed that I had cancer. My heart was feeling helpless. When Khenpo heard about it, sadness and compassion brought him to tears. Afterwards, he continuously prayed for blessing for me. At the same time, I was also regreting my past and vowing for the future. After the lengthy surgery, my disease was cured. After this experience, I vowed to cherish life to the fullest and not to waste any moment of it.

In August 2005, Khenpo came and officially established a Buddist Dharma Center. I told Khenpo that I would do my best to run the center and help his monastery, the Ogyen Choling Monastery, to promote Dharma.

因為這個中心,我們跟眾生, 結下許多法緣,也幫助過許多人事物,我的家人和朋友從一開始的懷疑到全力支持,期間經歷了漫長的歲月。 他們也看著我的身體從早年的虛弱不勘到現在越來越健康,也漸漸習得佛法的智慧,我明白我修行路上的成就來自我的上師,他是促使我精進努力的最大成就者。
Because of this center, we have made connections with many beings through the karma of dharma. Throughout the long process, we also helped many individuals and beings. Simultaneously, the attitude of my family and friends has transformed from the initial suspicion to that of love and support. They have witnessed the improvement of my health from previous years of illnesses. At the same time, I have gradually gained a lot of knowledge about Dharma. I understand the achievement I have obtained on the path of practicing dharma is mainly due to my master. He is my biggest motivation in becoming a hard working achiever.

2007那年初次到卻林寺時感到相當熟悉,那一刻我想起,早已在夢裡見過那裏了,我知道那是護法 帶我去的,十年來看著卻林寺 日漸卓壯,昔日的小喇嘛 現也成為了俱足智慧的阿闍黎 ,我感到相當欣慰,我們都知道在過去的時代,佛法的傳承和守護是如此艱難,我與堪布前期的努力耕耘將在下一代繼續傳承下去。
Even though it was the first time I visited the Chholing monastery in 2007, I found the place familiar. At the moment, I realized that I had been to the monastery in my dreams already. I knew it was Mahakhala/gyun-cha-shi that brought me there. Throughout the past ten years, I watched the choling monastery gradually prosper. I am also pleased to see that the novice lamas from the early years have become the knowledgeable and wise Archaya. We are all aware of the difficulties in protecting and promoting dharma in the past. As a result, the hard work of me and Khenpo will continue to the next generation.

Khenpo is like my sibling, friend, and family. Fate has brought us to form a strong teacher and student relationship, even until today. I see Khenpo’s passing as a painful and challenging testimony. Whether it’s his passing or the survival of the center, I think it is the final testimony in life he has assigned to me. If I am able to overcome these challenges, I believe nothing else can defeat me in the future.

With the most sincere respect, me, my family and the students will always have Khenpo on our mind.

Remembrance by Huang, Pei-Hsuan

I am really very thankful for letting me express my emotions through Ogyen Chholing Souvenir and pay my sincere homage to the great benefits Khentsen Ngawang Rabga Rinpoche achieved. My family encountered Khenpo in the year 2004. Khenpo always told us “you will never know what will happen next, or whether you will still exist on this world or not.” What use is there to be angry and stubborn? What is the point of wasting your life on something that’s negligible? Through his passing, Khenpo reminded us again that life is full of impermanence. I was having a hard time accepting it when I learned about his passing. It felt so unreal as if it was a dream.

Past is both existing and non-existing. At the same time, future is filled with uncertainty. All we can do is make the best out of the present. Present is the only segment of time where we can create.Do we take it for granted or do we thoroughly make use of it? I think we should really try to understand, appreciate, and be nice to all the beings around us, building good karma.

I am just a beginner on the path of Buddhism and cultivation. I hope I never forget where I begin. I strongly believe every fate is the best organization. I’m also extremely grateful towards the lifelong lesson that Khenpo has passed on to us. I used to think the most beautiful thing in life is encountering others. Later on, I realized that reunion is truly the rare event. Here is a romantic phrase I like to share “Each encounters in life is a unique reunion itself.” Where will l be in the next life? Whatever the case might be, l will keep vowing to have great affinities, the affinity to listen, to think, and to practice dharma in every generations.

I also wish we will be attached to good karma for the generations to come. If I hadn’t met Khenpo Ngawang Rabga it would have been impossible to believe that anyone could truly embody so many virtuous qualities and do so much for others. Ultimately, may the merit of all Khentsen Ngawang Rabga Rinpoche’s holy activities, benefit all sentient beings and enable them to walk in the footsteps of great Bodhiisattvas.