Late Kyabje Khhentsen
Ngawang Rabga Rinpoche

Venerable Kyabje Khentsen Ngawang Rabga Rinpoche was born in a remote village (Chyangmiteng) in Solukhumbu region of Nepal in 1960 AD, in an ordinary Sherpa family, to parents – Dorjee Sherpa (father) and Chiki Sherpa (mother). The family name given to him was Rinzi Sherpa.

From his very childhood Rinpoche was a simple, brave, honest, funny, friendly, farsighted person and had a strong desire to devote himself entirely to the spiritual life. At an early age Rinpoche joined Takgon Shedrup Thatling monastery which is about three hours walk from his birthplace. There he learned elementary Buddhist philosophy under the supervision of Ghesey Jhyangchup Tshultrim Rinpoche. During that period he also received the novice monastic vows (Gtashul) from His Holiness Kyabje Dzarong Trulshik Rinpoche.

About Vajra Guru Thungyur

Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), who is also known as the Second Buddha had bestowed Vajrayana initiations and oral instructions to the people of Himalayan Region. Indeed, all of beings take birth in this Samsara with own karma. Although all beings are equal in wanting happiness and not wanting unhappiness they always have to experience the mere suffering due to not having faith in rebirth and laws of cause and effect or not understanding the fact that the practice of virtuous deed and abandoning the evil deeds is the cause of happiness…

A Collage of late Kyabge Khentsen Ngawang Rabga Rinpoche

Venerable Kyabje Khentsen Ngawang Rabga Rinpoche was born in a remote village (Chyangmiteng) in...

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About Vajra Guru Thungyur

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